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07444 737424 zcsportstherapy@hotmail.co.uk

Sports, Soft Tissue Therapy & Medical Acupuncture


I first saw Zeina for a hip 'niggle' & painful shin splints that were hampering my half marathon training. I was really worried that Zeina was going to tell me to stop running or that running the Brighton Half was unrealistic, so I was relieved when I learned that she was an experienced runner as well as a brilliant sports injury therapist.  Straight away Zeina filled me with confidence that I would be race ready in 5 weeks. 

Zeina quickly identified the root cause of my problems and adapted my training programme so that I would still be on target for running the half marathon.  She demonstrated the stretches and strengthening exercises that would be a key part of becoming injury free as well as emailing me video clips and illustrated examples. 

 Zeina was always an email away from giving me excellent advice and checking in on how my training was going. She taught me to listen to my body and provided me with the tools to ensure that I continue to strengthen my weak areas so that I stay as injury free as possible, (although I still hate planking)!

And it turned out that running 13 miles was actually less painful than Zeina's acupuncture needles!

N. Morgan 


From the first time I visited Zeina I have been amazed by her ability to diagnose and treat my various ailments IT band tightness, calf strains, niggles and general weaknesses have all been resolved with a mixture of elbows, needles and fantastic aftercare advice. She if defiantly a one-stop fix that has kept me going through a marathon and 70.3 Ironman.

M. Templeton


I came to Zeina feeling that I was falling apart. Lots of tension,  a general lack of mobility and pain. Zeina, I think relished the challenge. My treatments were varied, usually involving a certain amount of agony, laughter, hysteria and tears in fairly equal measure. She is sports therapist with a sense of humour and I always felt great at the end of the sessions. She has suggested really helpful exercises that I do at home and are really helping me. But I hate that little ball, Zeina, the big one is fine, but I really hate that little ball.........

C. Gruber


Without a doubt, Zeina combines a wonderful array of knowledge in a professional manner, and with  a genuine caring touch. Zeina takes time during the consultation to find out which areas are causing problems, and not only focus on those but others she might find during the treatment. I have had many sessions with Zeina for quite a few years now. I was particularly impressed with her broad knowledge of nutrition, sport injuries and stretches from the very first session I had with her. Zeina always gives me a demonstration of the best stretch exercise to compliment the treatment she has just given me. It is also great to be able to have appointments at short notice, and she always endeavours to fit you in.  I highly recommend Zeina as a sports massage therapist.

Dunia Montes Nieto


I have already referred several friends to Zeina who are as happy with her magical work as I have been.  I am impressed with how she clearly knows her work and gets straight to the pain to quickly resolve it in a professional and pleasant manner.  I was totally seized up in my neck that spread to my ear causing a lot of pain and after 2 sessions I was free to move again, pain free!  What more could I ask?!

K. Hegarty





Soft Tissue Therapy covers a range of musculoskeletal massage techniques including clinical sports massage.


Strapping and taping is sometimes used to assist in recovery and aid rehabilitation whilst reducing the symptoms of many injuries and painful conditions.


Rehabilitation and Injury Advice to help you regain control and get you back to your sport. Looking at your body's biomechanics and working to strengthen any areas of weakness that can lead to repetitive injury.


Medical Acupuncture works through the Five Mechanisms of Action. Stimulating the muscle, fascia, Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems.